It is sound therapy based on the principle of resonance , by which a more intense and harmonic vibration spread to other weaker, dissonant or unhealthy . Vibration has the ability to reach beyond , through vibrational waves, and cause a similar vibration in another body. The sound works in our brain waves , helping us to enter into other levels of consciousness where mystical states are possible , making us more receptive to self-healing physical , mental , emotional and spiritual The benefits of sound therapy through the singing bowls , cymbals , bells , tuning forks , gongs and other ancient instruments , works on the body using the power of sound. These sound waves of Tibetan bowls correspond to beta and alpha waves with this order , also cause deep relaxation and promote access to the inner dimension of our being. The vibrations of the singing bowls attract the original harmonic frequency and stimulate the body , to get in tune with the frequency of the bowls , he rediscovers himself his own harmonic frequencies , driven by these vibrations , the body is bound to vibratory wav

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