Yoga is a traditional discipline originating from India, seeking balance and physical , mental and spiritual well-being , helping relaxation and meditation. Yoga has several techniques and styles , to suit all kinds of people in their needs and abilities.

As we know, the techniques of Yoga have been the subject of multiple experiments designed to substantiate its impact on the nervous system , heart rate and its capacity to generate a beneficial to cure various ailments. Its potential for change in depressive moods other stronger . The reality is that in all areas , produces a significant improvement not only health , but often even does change the way people live .
In Almatacama we have one of the best yoga teachers in the region, Brighu Muni , which teaches the Hatha Yoga, Iyengar style , the type of Yoga that best practice in the West and the art is known for its practice of postures body ( Asanas ) , contributing to muscle firmness and elasticity. The practice of Iyengar yoga focuses on body alignment from which the physical posture is reorganized . As a result, a synergy between the musculoskeletal system , governed by the organ systems , mental and psychic system occurs intelligentsia

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