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Map from Santiago Beaches near Bahía Inglesa Route between Caldera and Copiapó 5 km from Caldera to Bahía Inglesa (10 minutes) Car trip from Santiago: Approximately 10 hours Dual carriageway for most of the route

Complete Guide to Traveling to Bahía Inglesa: Distances, Location, and Tips

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🌴 Bahía Inglesa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chile, known for its paradise beaches and outdoor activities. Here, we offer you a complete guide on how to get there, its location, and other important details. 🏖️

🚗 How long does it take from Santiago to Bahía Inglesa?

The distance between Santiago and Bahía Inglesa is 894 kilometers. If you decide to travel by car, the journey will take you around 9-10 hours. However, for those looking for speed, flying from Santiago to Copiapó is the most efficient option. Once in Copiapó, Bahía Inglesa is just a 30-minute drive or bus ride away.

📍 Location of Bahía Inglesa

Bahía Inglesa is located in the northern part of Chile, in the stunning Atacama Desert. It is part of the municipality of Caldera and is 873 kilometers away from Santiago. It's the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy paradise beaches and outdoor activities in a unique setting.

✈️ Tips for Getting to Bahía Inglesa

The quickest and most comfortable way to get there is by taking a flight from Santiago to Copiapó. From Copiapó airport, Bahía Inglesa is just a short 30-minute drive or bus ride away. If you prefer a more scenic route, driving along Route 5 and Panamericana Norte will provide unforgettable views of the Chilean landscape.

🛣️ Journey from Caldera

If you're starting from Caldera, the distance to Bahía Inglesa is only 5 kilometers, which translates to a short journey of about 10 minutes by car. Additionally, there are shared taxis (colectivos) between Caldera and Bahía Inglesa that offer the service for a cost of CLP$1,000.

⏱️ Distance and Time from Copiapó

From Copiapó, the distance to Bahía Inglesa is 73 kilometers. By car, it will take you approximately 49 minutes. It's important to consider the toll for the dual carriageway, which costs $1,850.

Bus terminal from Copiapó to Caldera

🚌 Transportation Options from Copiapó

For those who prefer public transportation, there are options from Copiapó. You can head to the Bus Station in front of the Lider supermarket on Buena Esperanza street with Chacabuco. There, you'll find daily departures every 30 minutes from the Express and Casther companies. Additionally, there are shared taxis available on the same street for a more direct journey.

Bus terminal in Caldera with routes to Copiapó

🚴‍♂️ Enjoy the Bike Path Between Caldera and Bahía Inglesa

For cycling and hiking enthusiasts, there is a bike path that connects Caldera and Bahía Inglesa. This route allows you to walk from Gruta del Padre Negro to Playa La Piscina in about 30 minutes, providing a sustainable and healthy way to explore the area.

Map of the bus station in Caldera with direction to Copiapó

🛫 Transfers from Copiapó Airport

Copiapó Airport is located about 20 kilometers from Bahía Inglesa and Caldera. From there, transfers are available with fares starting from CLP$8,000 to Caldera or Bahía Inglesa, making it convenient for travelers.

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🗺️ Bahía Inglesa Map

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🛣️ Distances from Bahía Inglesa

📍 Learn about the distances from Bahía Inglesa to major destinations. Plan your trip and make the most of your stay.

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Discover Los Dedos Paleontological Park 🦖

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Photos of Bahía Inglesa and its attractions

Caldera Church, built by Eiffel
La Virgen Beach, located 40 km from Bahía Inglesa
Black Rocks
Bahía Inglesa Town
Diving in Bahía Inglesa
Mansa Beach, Caldera

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