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Bahia Inglesa Beach (La Piscina) Sugarloaf National Park, located 127 kms from Bahia Inglesa Bahia Inglesa, a scallop area

Bahía Inglesa, Caldera, Atacama Region, Chile 🌅

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View of La Piscina beach in Bahía Inglesa, Caldera, Atacama

Guide to Bahía Inglesa in the Atacama Desert 🌵

Known for its white sandy beaches 🏖️ and crystal-clear turquoise waters 🌊, Bahía Inglesa is a resort town promising an unforgettable experience. Its warm and pleasant climate ☀️ invites you to relax and enjoy nature at its best 🌴.

Located in the Atacama region, in the north of Chile 🇨🇱, this gem is an integral part of the world's driest desert 🏜️. Despite its desert surroundings, Bahía Inglesa stands out as a true oasis 🌺, offering a refuge full of life and color. It's the perfect place for those looking to enjoy the sun, sea, and natural beauty 🌸.

Explore Bahía Inglesa: Charm and Nature - Discover the unique beauty of its beaches and the diversity of activities in Atacama.

🏄‍♂️ Activities in Bahía Inglesa: An Adventure for Every Traveler 🚣‍♀️

🌴 From crystal-clear beaches to desert trails, Bahía Inglesa is a destination full of adventures waiting to be discovered. Here are the most popular activities you can enjoy:

🏊‍♂️ Swimming in Paradisiacal Beaches

Immerse yourself in the warm waters of beaches such as La Piscina, Las Machas, Blanca, and El Chuncho. Observe fish, starfish, and other marine animals in this natural setting.

🐠 Underwater Exploration: Diving

Discover reefs, algae, sponges, and historic shipwrecks by diving into the depths of Bahía Inglesa, a submarine world full of biodiversity.

🎣 Sport Fishing

For fishing enthusiasts, Bahía Inglesa offers species such as mahi-mahi, flounders, and bilagay. Fishing from the shore or by boat is an unforgettable experience.

🏄 Surfing: Riding the Waves

Surf at iconic spots like Las Machas, Rodillo, and Flamenco. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the waves of Bahía Inglesa await you.

🚣‍♂️ Kayaking

Explore the bay by kayak, approach islands like Isla Chata or Isla Pan de Azúcar, and enjoy unique marine landscapes.

🥾 Hiking: Discover the Desert

Walk through dunes and hills, observe the world's largest dune, and discover prehistoric paintings and astonishing rock formations.

🦜 Bird Watching

With species such as pelicans, flamingos, and albatrosses, Bahía Inglesa is a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts.

🏛️ Historical and Cultural Sites in Bahía Inglesa 🎨

🌊 Bahía Inglesa is not only a natural beauty destination but also a place rich in history and culture. Discover some of its hidden treasures:

  • The Legacy of the Corsair Edward Davis: In 1687, the English corsair Edward Davis visited the bay with his ship Bachelor, leaving his name engraved on a rock. Since then, the place has been known as "Puerto del Inglés".
  • Church of San Vicente de Paul: Inaugurated in 1862, this neo-Gothic style church in Caldera, Chile, stands out for its wooden structure. The design, inspired by French architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, features a triangular atrium supported by Doric columns and a naturally lit interior through fourteen windows. It houses sacred images, including that of San Vicente de Paul and a Virgin of Sorrows believed to be brought from Peru, as well as a parish museum displaying ancient pre-Hispanic and liturgical objects.
  • 🦖 Caldera Paleontological Museum: Just 10 minutes from Bahía Inglesa, this museum exhibits fossils of extinct marine animals, including the "Josefina" whale that lived almost 10 million years ago, with its skull recognized as the largest fossil in South America.
  • 🌸 The Flowering Desert: An impressive natural phenomenon where rains transform the desert into a blooming garden. This spectacle occurs occasionally between September and December, depending on climatic conditions.

🏨 Accommodations in Bahía Inglesa: Find Your Perfect Place 🌅

🌴 Explore a variety of accommodation options in Bahía Inglesa, from luxurious hotels to cozy campgrounds. Here are some recommendations for all budgets:

🏖️ Rocas de Bahía Hotel

This four-star hotel, located in front of La Piscina beach, offers rooms with sea views, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. Accommodation options include the Rocas Matrimonial Suite at $345 USD (approx. $295,000 CLP), Single Matrimonial Superior at $163 USD (approx. $139,000 CLP), and Double Matrimonial Standard Superior at $191 USD (approx. $163,000 CLP) per night.

🏡 Bahía Inglesa Houses

Ideal for groups or families, these cabins offer a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom, located 200 meters from La Piscina beach. Rates: House No. 10 at $184 USD (approx. $159,990 CLP) and House No. 33 at $115 USD (approx. $99,990 CLP) per night during high season.

🏕️ Bahía Inglesa Beach Club Camping

Camping at Las Machas beach with shaded plots, tables, benches, grills, and power outlets. Contact directly for rates and availability.

🛏️ El Faro Hostel

In Caldera, this hostel offers an indoor pool and shared kitchen. Standard Double Room from $89 USD (approx. $77,346 CLP) and Studio Apartment with sea views from $160 USD (approx. $138,793 CLP) per night.

🍽️ Gastronomy in Bahía Inglesa: Flavors of the Sea 🌊 and Chilean Tradition 🇨🇱

The cuisine of Bahía Inglesa is known for its fresh seafood 🐟 and the rich Chilean culinary tradition 🍲. From delicious fish and shellfish to dishes such as Lomo Saltado and empanadas 🥟, here are some restaurant recommendations:

🍣 Punto de Referencia Restaurant

Specializing in sushi and seafood delights, this restaurant offers a varied menu with excellent value for money. Located on Miramar Street, you can expect to spend around $15 per person.

🍲 El Plateao Restaurant

With a menu full of Chilean traditions, here you can taste ceviches, risottos, and crab pie in a typical setting. Located in front of Las Piscinas Beach, the average cost is $20 per person.

🥩 El Bahía Grill Restaurant

Offering a mix of international dishes, meats, and salads, this restaurant features a terrace overlooking the sea 🌅 and a selection of Chilean wines 🍷. Located in front of La Piscina Beach, the average price is $25 per person.

🍴 El Coral Restaurant

Focusing on gourmet dishes made from local products, enjoy meals such as baked salmon and gratinated scallops. With panoramic views of the bay and sophisticated decor, it is located 100 meters from La Piscina Beach and the average price is $20 per person.

📍 How to Get to Bahía Inglesa?

🏖️ Bahía Inglesa is located on the coast of the Atacama region, in northern Chile. There are various ways to reach this destination, depending on your starting point and mode of transportation. Here are some options:

✈️ By Plane

If you are traveling from Santiago de Chile or another city within the country, you can take a flight to Copiapó Airport, which is just 25 minutes by car 🚗 from Bahía Inglesa. Several airlines offer regular flights, such as LATAM and Sky. Ticket prices may vary depending on the season and demand, but typically range around 35,000 CLP (approximately $40 USD) per way.

🚌 By Bus

If you prefer to travel by land, you can take a bus to Caldera, which is just 10 minutes by car 🚗 from Bahía Inglesa. Several bus companies offer daily services from Santiago de Chile and other cities in the country, such as Pullman Bus, Tur Bus, and Condor Bus. Ticket prices may vary depending on the season and demand, but typically range around 35,000 CLP (approximately $40 USD) per way.

🚗 By Car

If you have your own vehicle or wish to rent one, you can drive to Bahía Inglesa via Route 5 North, the main highway 🛣️ in the country. The travel time will depend on your starting point and traffic conditions, but here are some approximate references:

  • 🌆🚗🛣️ From Santiago de Chile: 871 kilometers, ⏰ 9-10 hours.
  • 🌊🚗🛣️ From La Serena: 402 kilometers, ⏰ 4 hours.
  • 🏜️🚗🛣️ From Antofagasta: 471 kilometers, ⏰ 5 and a half hours.
  • 🏞️🚗🛣️ From Copiapó: 73 kilometers, ⏰ 50 minutes.
  • 🏖️🚗🛣️ From Caldera: 5 kilometers, ⏰ 10 minutes.

📅 Best Time to Visit Bahía Inglesa

🌞 With a temperate and dry climate, Bahía Inglesa is a pleasant destination throughout the year. However, each season has its own unique characteristics. Here is a guide on when to visit:

Summer (December - March) ☀️

With temperatures ranging from 15°C to 24°C, it is the most popular season. Ideal for marine 🏊‍♂️ and outdoor activities 🏖️, but also the busiest. It is recommended to book accommodation and transportation in advance.

Autumn (April - June) 🍂

With cooler weather, ranging from 12°C to 21°C, it is a quiet time, perfect for those looking to avoid crowds. However, some services may be limited.

Winter (July - September) ❄️

Temperatures vary between 9°C and 18°C. Although it is not ideal for swimming, it is the most economical season. Additionally, you might witness the flowering desert phenomenon 🌸 if climatic conditions allow.

Spring (October - November) 🌼

With temperatures from 13°C to 22°C, it is a warm and colorful time, ideal for enjoying nature. However, there may be more wind 🌬️ and cloudiness ☁️.

🎒 What to Pack for Bahía Inglesa?

Bahía Inglesa offers many possibilities for fun and relaxation 🌴, but you should also be prepared for its specific climatic and geographical conditions. Here are some suggestions on what to bring in your suitcase:

👚 Clothing and Footwear

We recommend bringing comfortable and light clothing, preferably made of cotton or linen, to protect you from the sun ☀️ and heat. It is windy in the evenings 🌬️, so we suggest a windbreaker. Also, consider bringing a coat or jacket 🧥 for the cooler nights or days. For footwear, we advise sandals 👡 for the beach, and sneakers 👟 or boots for the desert or mountains 🏜️.

🕶️ Accessories

Don't forget to bring a hat or cap 🧢, sunglasses 🕶️, sunscreen ☀️, and a first aid kit 🩹. We also recommend carrying a backpack 🎒 or a waterproof bag to protect your belongings, a water bottle 💧, and some snacks 🍏 to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

📷 Equipment

If you plan to engage in specific activities like diving 🤿, surfing 🏄, kayaking 🛶, or fishing 🎣, consider bringing your own equipment or renting it on-site. We also suggest bringing a camera 📸 or a smartphone 📱 to capture the best moments of your trip, and binoculars 🦜 or a telescope 🔭 for bird and star gazing 🌌.

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Recreational Party at Bahía Inglesa - A colorful and vibrant event celebrating local traditions with 19th-century costumes and decorations, attracting visitors and locals alike.

🎭 Recreational Party at Bahía Inglesa ⏳

Relive the golden era of La Copiapó in Caldera 1850 with the spectacular Recreational Party at Bahía Inglesa! 🎉🌴✨

Explore the rich culture and traditions of Bahía Inglesa in an event full of fun, music, and traditional dances.

Discover more about the Recreational Party at Bahía Inglesa and relive the magical moments experienced. Don't miss it!

Join the Recreational Party at Bahía Inglesa

Copiapó Airport: Your gateway to the wonders of Bahía Inglesa.

🌴 Tourism in Bahía Inglesa 🌊

Discover Pan de Azúcar National Park, 128 kilometers from Bahía Inglesa, a perfect destination for nature lovers and hikers. Observe local wildlife, including guanacos and foxes, in a stunning natural setting.

Experience the local cuisine with delicious live oysters, either Parmesan-style or with lemon. Also, enjoy the vibrant nightlife on Caldera's coast, with bars and restaurants offering live music.

Explore the tourist attractions of Bahía Inglesa and Caldera

Discover the rich history of Bahía Inglesa and Caldera, the birthplace of the first railway in South America.

📜 History of Bahía Inglesa and Caldera, Chile 🇨🇱

Bahía Inglesa

Known for its paleontological findings, Bahía Inglesa is a key site with significant discoveries like Pelagornis chilensis, highlighting its scientific and tourist value.


Caldera, significant since 1850 as a mining port, played a crucial role in Chile's history with the construction of the country's first railway, connecting Caldera and Copiapó.

Discover how to get to Bahía Inglesa

View of Playa Blanca, one of the many paradisiacal destinations near Bahía Inglesa.

🏖️ Beaches near Bahia Inglesa 🌊

Discover paradisiacal beaches near Bahía Inglesa: Playa Las Machas, Bahía Loreto, Rocas Negras, and more. Just 10 minutes away, these coastal gems promise unforgettable moments. Also, explore Playa Chorrillos and Playa La Virgen, two treasures of natural beauty. The Atacama region offers kilometers of coastline to enjoy the sun and sea.

Learn about the beaches near Bahía Inglesa

🌊 Playa La Virgen 🏖️: The Best Beach in Chile

Located just 40 km from Bahía Inglesa, Playa La Virgen is renowned for its beauty and services. Here you can enjoy camping 🏕️, cabins 🏡, and local cuisine 🍴.

If you decide to visit, remember that parking next to the beach costs CLP $10,000. However, free options are available 1 km away 🚗.

Learn more about Playa La Virgen

Caldera Port: A vital and historic nexus in the Bahía Inglesa region.

🌊🚢 Explore Caldera Port 🤓

Located at the heart of the region, Caldera Port is essential for accessing nearby localities. Here, you'll find everything from supermarkets and health centers to a police station.

With a rich history, the port was a pioneer in connecting a train system to the Pacific Ocean and hosts the first secular cemetery in Chile. Discover Caldera Port and dive into its fascinating history.

Learn more about Caldera Port

Discover the culinary diversity at Bahía Inglesa's restaurants.

🍽️ Gastronomy of Bahía Inglesa 🐟

Recognized as the best in the Atacama Region, Bahía Inglesa's cuisine offers a wide variety of flavors and unique dishes.

From Caldera Port to Bahía Inglesa, enjoy oysters, sea urchins, clams, squids, and fresh fish. Savor the exquisite dishes of this region and fall in love with its cuisine.

Explore the best restaurants in Bahía Inglesa

Variety of accommodations in Bahía Inglesa, from exclusive to budget-friendly.

🏨 Accommodation in Bahía Inglesa 🛏️

Enjoy a selection of high-quality accommodations in Bahía Inglesa, such as Rocas de Bahía Hotel, or choose from various summer houses. Caldera also offers more affordable options, with guesthouses and 3-star hotels at accessible prices.

Explore accommodation options in Bahía Inglesa

⚡ Electricity in Bahía Inglesa 🔌

Outlets in Bahía Inglesa are type C and L with 220V. If your device has a different plug, bring a universal adapter and check voltage compatibility before use.

For adapters and electrical accessories, visit stores in Bahía Inglesa or Caldera.

The pleasant climate of Bahía Inglesa, perfect for visiting any time of the year.

🌡️ Weather in Bahía Inglesa ☀️

Enjoy summers with comfortable temperatures and warm waters, and winters cool enough for a serene visit. Bahía Inglesa offers a charming climate all year round, from the tranquility of autumn to the adventure of spring.

Learn more about the weather in Bahía Inglesa

Explore prehistoric history at Los Dedos Paleontological Park in Bahía Inglesa.

🦖 Los Dedos Paleontological Park 🦕

Visit the Los Dedos Paleontological Site and the Caldera Paleontological Museum in Bahía Inglesa, must-see destinations for prehistory enthusiasts.

Discover fossils of the Megalodon and other prehistoric species, and learn about their evolution at this fascinating location. The Caldera Paleontological Museum offers an impressive collection of fossils, providing a unique perspective on the history of the Atacama region.

Learn more about the Paleontological Park

A unique experience of the Flowering Desert in Atacama.

🌸 Flowering Desert 🌼

The Flowering Desert, a unique natural phenomenon, transformed Atacama in 2022. With hopes for a new bloom in 2024, September could once again witness this natural spectacle.

For more details, visit desiertoflorido.com. Follow us on Instagram (@desiertoflorido1) and Facebook (@desiertofloridoatacama) for updates on the Flowering Desert.

Experience an unforgettable journey through a sea of flowers during the Flowering Desert! 🌼🌸🌼

Don't miss the opportunity to witness nature at its most expressive in the Flowering Desert! 🌸🌼

Learn more at desiertoflorido.com

Photos of Bahía Inglesa and its attractions

Orbicular Granite
Water Sports Bahía Inglesa
Playa Blanca, Puerto Viejo, Atacama
Playa La Piscina Bahía Inglesa
Flowering Desert, Atacama
Aerial View of Bahía Inglesa

What are you waiting for to visit Bahía Inglesa?

Bahía Inglesa is a destination you can't miss if you want to have a unique and unforgettable experience. I assure you that you will be enchanted by its beauty and magic, and you will want to return again and again.

What are you waiting for to book your trip to Bahía Inglesa? You won't regret it!

🌊 Bahía Inglesa: An Unforgettable Journey 🌊

Join us on this first-person tour of Bahía Inglesa. We start our adventure by passing through the charming craft fair, where culture and tradition intertwine in each piece. Then, we immerse ourselves in the serenity of Playa La Piscina, a hidden paradise with white sand and impressively turquoise waters. Come and discover the magic of this Chilean corner with us!

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